1948 ad for Big Ben and Baby Ben Vintage Westclox From front to back
        Big Ben, America, Sleep-Meter and Baby Ben
        from a 1918 ad.  

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How to Indentify your Westclox timepiece.

Before you begin your search for the identification of your Westclox timepiece, there are some simple things you need to check to help speed up the identification process.

  • TYPE: Is your timepiece a clock or watch? Sometimes a large watch or small clock can be incorrectly indentified. If unsure, check under both Clocks and Watches or use the search option. If it does not fall under those 2 types, please check under miscellaneous or all.
  • CATEGORY: Is your timepiece time only or is it an alarm clock? If you are not familiar with the item and it is not running it may be difficult to tell.
  • MECHANISM: Is your timepiece a wind-up, electric or battery run?.
  • USE: Is your timepiece made to hang on the wall, sit on a desk, made for an automobile or other?
  • MODEL: What is the name and model on the dial of the timepiece. For example, most (if not all) Big Ben alarm clocks are marked both Westclox and Big Ben on the dial. If you cannot find a model name on the dial, then look very closely at the back of the clock. Many of them have the name stamped on the back. You may have to look very close with good lighting to find the model. This can help reduce the number of timepieces to look at, dramatically.
  • PATENT#: Are there any patent numbers on your timepiece? These can be very helpful. Using the search feature with a patent# may find a quick match.

You do not have to know all of these things but the more you know, the easier it will be to find information about your timepiece. Once you have as much information that you can find, click on one of the links of the menu at the top.

If you want, you can try to search this site with the information that you have, but it may result in excessive results if the information is too vague.