1948 ad for Big Ben and Baby Ben Vintage Westclox From front to back        Big Ben, America, Sleep-Meter and Baby Ben        from a 1918 ad.  
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What you will find here.
Photos and information about the timepieces made by Westclox. You can start out by looking at thumbnail pictures and click on the picture to find detailed information and larger photos. The individual pages are created so that all photos can be viewed without scrolling up or down the page. Your mouse is all that should be necessary. When you go to a page about a timepeice, please allow the photos to load. Watching the loading bar on Internet Explorer is helpful. Netscape will keep you updated as the info loads. If you think you are having problems with the photos, please click on the "Help" link for more detailed information.

What you will NOT find here.
The words "art deco" have been used to a point of what I consider abuse, so you will not find any reference to deco or similar words or phrases.
Bakelite, catalin, celluloid are all name brands of plastic. Unless it is documented by Westclox or proven otherwise, just the word "plastic" will be used.
The metals used in many of the clock cases range from brass, steel, aluminum to pot metal, etc.. Sometimes the same clock model from the same era were produced with different metals. To avoid confusion, all painted or nickel plated metals will simply be referred to as "metal".
You will often see the word "chrome" used. Those clocks (the old ones) are nickel plated.

FAKE or FANTASY timepieces.
It is a sad reality that these pieces exist but you will NOT see them here. Some of these are the black americana themed pieces and made up (not by Westclox) advertising pieces.

I do not own every model and variation of Westlcox timepieces. I welcome all valid submissions of clock, watches and other Westclox items that you may not see here. Please go to the submission link to see what is needed to have your timepiece added to the gallery. No timepiece that is altered or fake will be added. I reserve the right to make the final determination unless you can provide adequate proof on a questionable piece.

This site will continue to grow and I will be adding more and more Westclox items as time permits. All the info is free. I just ask that you do not hotlink to any of my images or info on this website. Any copies from this site must state that the information comes from www.vintagewestclox.com.

All suggestions are welcomed!
Please do not hesitate to Email me with any suggestions or comments about the site. If you see some information that you feel is incorrect or should be expanded upon, please let me know!

Please, enjoy the site!
Jim G.